Trident Custom Baits feels it has the best and most innovative soft plastic baits on the market.  We have done countless research to find the very best domestic materials.    We have worked with our competitor’s plastic manufacturers, (yes you know who I am talking about).  We found them to be too toxic, too frail, and possess no flex.  Instead we decided to have a domestic company custom blend an eco friendly, Phthalate free plastic.  Our custom plastic blend has the most flexibility, most natural action, and is more durable than any other competitors plastic out there.   All while still remaining eco friendly.  This plastic costs us 15% more than any other supplier out there. However, at Trident, quality and sound environmental products are worth more than money.  Our custom blended plastic has maximum flexibility and even when salt impregnated it stays smooth as silk.  It also stays as translucent as the inspirations from nature by which are baits are designed to mimic. The translucent qualities of a bait fishes fins and lower belly for example.  Remember sometimes what a fish can’t see is more important than what he can.  Game fish are, after all, used to hunting camouflaged, and deceptive prey.

We have 12 premium custom colors that every bait line and bait style is offered in.  Our line of colors was designed to provide a color situated for every single common fishing situation you will find yourself in.  All of our colors have superior translucency and color complexity.  We also made sure to offer all the classics and the new heavy hitters, Pumpkinseed, salt and pepper, watermelon red, green flake, motor oil, and who can forget chartreuse.  Don’t worry all the classics in addition to our own master colors are all available at Trident Custom Baits.

Trident custom bass bait colors

Our 12 standard colors in order from left to right

Translucent black with red green flake:  A translucent black that has reflective properties of black fish scales.  Night fishermen Trident has you covered with this color because our premium ultrafine  all metal flake in blood red, glowing green, and undertones of silver.

Chartreuse Remix: Our own custom green chartreuse blend with ultrafine all metal flake in blood red and glowing green.  Simply glowing with amazing light properties.

Olive Pumpkinseed:  Our remake of a old classic.  A green pumpkin that is slightly more olive then conventional green pumpkinseeds.  Comes with our ultrafine all metal flake in blood red, glowing green, and gunmetal.

Lichen:  A Trident original.  A moss green/silver color that has strong iridescence and complex reflective properties.  Comes with our ultrafine all metal flake in blood red and glowing green.

Motor oil:  A old classic returns.  We offer a slightly more olive motor oil than the standard conventional.  We find this color to match the color of many local baitfish better than standard.  Comes with our ultrafine all metal flake in blood red, glowing green, and gunmetal.

Poison Ivy: Another Trident original.  This is a very strong deep forest green.  Matches vegetation and baitfish very well.  Comes with our ultrafine all metal flake in blood red, glowing green, and gunmetal.

Pumpkin Seed: Trident’s version of a cult classic.  A glowing amber color that catches any predators attention.  Comes outfitted with our ultrafine all metal flake in blood red, glowing green, and gunmetal.

Quicksilver:  A glowing silver that Trident is happy to be the creator of.  Extremely high light retention and a completely unique translucent metallic appearance this color is sure to please.  Comes equipped with our ultrafine all metal flake in blood red, glowing green, and gunmetal.

Salt and Pepper:  A very effective and well renowned classic color.  No explanation needed.  A glowing clear silver with large gunmetal flake.

Tequila Sunrise: Another Trident designed color that is as rich as it is complex.  Its properties make it appear blood red in some conditions and rich purple in others. Is a great color with amazing light properties.  Comes with ultrafine blood red, and glowing green all metal flake.

Water lily: A Trident color with rich lavender and high iridescence.  Very complex light properties and is a very universal color.  Comes with our all metal ultrafine flake in blood red, and glowing green.

Watermelon Seed:  A amber/green mix with very high transparency but with muted light properties. A very natural and distinct clear water color.  Comes with our all metal ultrafine flake in blood red and glowing green.


            At Trident Custom Baits LLC we use our own custom Game Fish Scent.  A combination of oils an gel, our custom scent is designed to penetrate and stay coated on our plastic baits cast after cast.  We use combination of oils and gel scent because have tested and found that oil has better effect for scent trail and scent disperation.  Gel on the other hand has very little water dispertion but is very effective for plastic penetration and scent retention.  So by using a two part scent we cover all aspect of scent as it pertains to the fish, the bait and environmental conditions.  Another concept at Trident is to package all our baits saturated in our custom blended scent.  Not like most companies where you get a hint, we want a large quantity with our baits so you can put them back in the package after you use them.  Shake them up and you are rescented and ready again.  Combined with our salt blend, our salt/scent combination is a championship winner indeed.


            All of our baits are salt impregnated as well as fished in a bath of our custom scented oils, followed by a shower of our custom salt blend.  We purchase domestic sea salts and process them ourselves.  We find it creates a superior product. It also, does not impair the color or natural action of the bait, as much as other salts within the industry.  It is that attention to detail that we believe in and know will make that extra difference to earn that next championship win, or the fish of a lifetime.

Floating Bait Line

At trident we offer three different bait lines: floating, standard, and rapid sinking. Everyone of our bait designes are offered in all three custom bait lines. Everyone at Trident was sick of buying baits that just simply layed down on the lake or river bottom and had no action of their own when at rest.   So we decided to invent a floating bait line.  With our floating bait line we wanted to not only improve on already good floating bait designes used for topwater applications.  We invented a line of baits that brings weighted style fishing such as texas and carolina rigging to another level.   The ability to float allows a bait to stand straight up and move with the environmental forces in the water.  Our floating line is also very effective at slowing the descent rate of a spinner bait or jig by as much as 50 percent.  Having problems keeping the spiner bait just buzzing under the surface?  Our floating trailers are very effective at keeping your baits in the strike zone loner than any other trailer on the market.  We offer all our floating baits in all of our 12 standard bait colors.  Here is a video demo of the action and ability of our floating bait line. Please note our floating bait colors are less translucent and more opaque than our standard bait line.  Example our posion ivy color floating left in comparison to our standard posion ivy right.

Standard Bait Line

At trident our standard bait line is among none other in the entire business.  First we start with our custom plastic blend designed for maximum flexibility and hook retention.  Then we take our standard baits and make them sink 25% faster than standard salt impregnanted baits.   Allowing you fish them 25% faster and cover 25% more water when fishing weightless or finesse style.  Our standard bait line also weigh about 20% more than the average competitiors bait of the same size.   Allowing you to cast farther, use heavier gear/line, and to hold up better in high current situations.  Still without sacrificing any of the qualities to make this the greatest standard bait line in the industry.  Has amazing transparency qualitys with a amazing natural lifelike action that is second to none.  Tie one of our standard baits on and we gaurentee that you will never fish any other brand of salt impregnated baits again.

Rapid Sinking Baits

Our Rapid Sinking Baits are like no other soft plastics in the industry.  We wanted to create a soft plastic that you could fish weightles at or near the speed and effeciency of a reaction bait.  It also neaded to be heafty enough to effectively cast and control on heavy bait casting gear.  Our main inspiration to this bait line was fishing deep clear western lakes out in Arizona.  The bass during certain times of the year go very deep around 35-45 feet and hold of points and rock ledges.  The fish are also very heavily pressured so the most effective way to catch these bass was on finesse and drop-shot rigs.  Our Rapid Sinking Bait line allows you to fish these depths quickly and efficiently even in current and still maintain a very natural finesse presentation with any of our bait styles.  All the while not using any form of weight or any additional terminal tackle other than your hook.  Our baits are twice as heavy and sink at almost two times the rate of any other salt impregnated bait out there.  Below is a photo comparing the weight of our 3 inch stick bait the Petit Corona against the competitors three Inch senko style stick bait.

Our 3 Inch Petit Carona Stick Bait                             Their 3 Inch Senko Style Stick Bait

If you notice our 3 Inch Petit Carona Stick Bait almost weighs a quarter ounce and almost is twice the weight of the competitor.  This allows you to use heavier gear to get that hog up out of cover and to the boat more effectively.  This added density allows you to better control the bait,  cast it furter, and with much more effeciency.  This weightless fishability doesnt just pertain to the stick bait as it does with the other manufactures.  With Trident we offer the same weight and fishability charateristics in all of our bait designs and all of our standard colors.  These baits also hold up great in current.  There is nothing more aggravating than having that finess bite in heavy current or very windy conditions.  Keeping constant feel of the bait is near impossible and keeping the bait in the  stike zone is a constant fight.  Our Rapid Sinking Bait line is also very effective in these conditions. Due to their weight and decent rate, these baits hold the strike zone hostage long after all other baits fail.

Our materials

            At Trident Custom Baits LLC we sleep sound at night knowing we use the very best materials in the world to produce the very best baits in the world.  Not only do we purchase the very best raw materials, but they are all eco friendly and all made right here in the beautiful United States of America.  Even our packaging, such as our 2 mil thick poly packaging bags are biodegradable and come from 100% recycled materials.  That way it wont be Trident’s Bags sitting at the bottom of the lake bed for the next generation like it is my competitors.   We also support other small businesses.  Our mold company, used to make aircraft parts until the industry went overseas.  Now they make molds for the tackle industry.  We decided to use them exclusively because first and foremost the quality of their product and second we at Trident feel it is everyones responsibility to help one another in time of this financial crisis.  We do not add any chemical enhancers to our plastic.  We do not want any chemical scent profiles aside from the plastic base.  Wel also use all aluminum molds that add no scent or residue on the product at all.  The baits are never handled by bare hands and are produced in a power ventilated area to keep the baits free from foreign odors..  At Trident we feel this level of attention to detal is very important.  We do not risk your next championship or catch of a lifetime on contamination.

                                                            It is a honor to produce baits for such a great industry.

                                                                                                           Tyler Roberson