So you want to join Trident Custom Bait’s prostaff team? This page has all the information you need to know. Sponsorship, or Prostaffing, are essentially a business relationship. You become a sales rep for our company. Fishing every day of the season is great, but that isn’t what builds a brand or sells baits.

The first step is to send us an email here,  and let us know what you can do for Trident Custom Baits. We are looking for events you have attended, events you plan on attending. Any media coverage (TV, Web, Magazine) that you expect in the future. Tournaments you have competed in and ones you plan on competing in in the future, as well as any wins and final standings.

Let us know if you have a Facebook page or YouTube channel.

If you work for or with any youth organizations, charters, or conservation groups, please include that.

The way our program works, is we choose select individuals that we feel can help promote the brand the best in different states across the country. You will be required to purchase baits from us at a special below cost price. We don’t want to have reps out there who don’t use our products.  You will get some special freebies as well. You will get below cost pricing on our products and promotional products like shirts. You will get special pricing for you to give deals to your friends and family. You will have 30 days to purchase your first baits or you will be removed from our Prostaff.

Those who really work to promote Trident Custom Baits will be rewarded with better prices, free gear, help with event entry fees, etc.

When you send us your email/resume, think of it like a job application. The more info you can give us the better.  We want to know what kind of person you are as well  as you will be representing Trident Custom Bait’s.