Get the EXACT bait you want with our custom bait molding service

For many sportsmen, run of the mill colors and standard bait specifications are not enough for their specialized fishing techniques.  We here at Trident we have you covered with our semi-custom bait service that no one else in the entire industry offers.  You choose one of our bait designs, and you send us your personal design of color (including glow in the dark) and glitter combination.  In addition you let us know how you plan to use these baits, (target depth of water, sink rate desired, current conditions, water clarity, and etc.). Within 3 to 7 business days we will have your semi-custom baits designed and ready to deliver to your doorstep or place of business.  Trident’s Semi-Custom Bait services begin at $50.00 in addition to a minimum order of 100 baits. Click here to contact us for more details.

custom molded fishing baits

Trident Custom Baits LLC also offers a service unlike any other company in the world.  Have a design for your next championship win? Or the perfect design for your next fishing adventure?  Here at Trident your wish is our command. We can have a custom mold designed and machined to your complete specifications.  In addition, we can design one of our environmentally friendly  plastics to your specific needs and desires.  We also can custom match or create any color to your liking including glow in the dark.  Don’t let a fishing dream sit on the back burner forever. Contact us at Trident for more details.  Our Complete Custom Bait Services begins at $400.00 with a minimum order of 100 baits. Please note your molds and exclusive rights are yours to keep. Thank you for your interest in Trident Custom Bait services tight lines and calm seas.

Tyler Roberson

Founder Trident Custom Baits LLC