Trident Custom Baits LLC was founded in 2011 in Bay City, Michigan during the heart of the great recession. It was founded on the need to bring environmentally friendly, cutting edge baits to a market of outdated, unimaginative baits based on ten year old technology. Our founder and lead bait designer has over 20 years experience in bait design and fishing tactics. A graduate of five BASS Master training schools where he has learned firsthand from the very best professionals in the field of competitive bass fishing. Learning from seasoned professionals like Kevin Van Dam, Dean Rojas, Rick Clunn and many more provided a solid foundation on which to build a knowledge of bait design and fishing tactics. Also currently working on his Masters degree in Fisheries Wildlife Management from the American Military University our lead designer and founder brings a fresh, educated, and modern outlook to the fishing industry. Fishing all over this great country has taught him that you learn just as many lessons out on the water, about life as you do about fishing. That the fishing is just as memorable as the catching, and that the next adventure lies just around the next bend.Trident also believes that the very best gear shouldn’t break the bank. That is why Trident baits are almost half the price of the closest competitor. Your precious memories out on the water shouldn’t be dictated by the cash that is in your wallet. Here at Trident we feel that many of our competitors over charge and are very afraid of research and change. Why else would they be putting out the same baits made from the same materials for the past ten years? Change is here, now, at Trident Custom Baits. We are a family owned small business that supports the environment, catch and release, and the intelligent management of our great outdoors. That is why one of our many missions at Trident is to care and improve our fisheries for many generations to come. We are all stewards of the land, let every generation take care of it better than the last.Tight lines and calm seas.Tyler RobersonFounder of Trident Custom Baits